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Salamander BluEvolution 92



Heat penetration rate is one of key elements that customers take under consideration when buying new windows. BluEvolution system with Uf = 1.0 coefficient in standard windows seems to be unmatched product in this respect. It constitutes one of key strengths of the system. Appropriately selected glazing and thermal supports typical of this system facilitate production of windows with highest thermal parameters.

Salamander BluEvolution 92

Advantages of BlueEvolution profile:

  • New generation of 92mm wide profiles;
  • Low frame and sash profiles (118mm) increase illumination of rooms;
  • Perfect thermal parameters are achieved through standard steel reinforcements (Uf = 1,0 W/m2K) or thermal reinforcements - steel supports with a thermal break ( Uf = 0,9 W/m2K );
  • Multiple glazing options: there is a possibility to use all available types of glazing units, up to 60 mm wide;
  • Customers may take advantage of glued panes technology;
  • Special construction of internal chambers and secure reinforcements ensure that the load of heavy panes will be safely and evenly distributed;
  • Triple sealing increases tightness and insulation and optimally protects fittings against inclement atmospheric conditions;
  • Traditional technology and classical shape strengthened by perfect technical parameters;
  • Unlimited colour selection, freely use both white and colour profiles.